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We have a new single out!  It’s a prayer for loving kindness, and it’s deep and groovy and we love it! It would mean the world to us if you would please click on this, stream this weekend, add to your playlists, and share if you are moved to. Thank you so much and we hope you love it as much as we do! 

                                        WOMAN LIFE FREEDOM   
This offering of the heart is in solidarity with the women of Iran, and with people who care about human rights around the world

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Opium Moon Night + Day

"It will awaken every sultry, seductive, sexy, sensual, spiritual and steamy molecule of your being, all from the hypnotic rhythmic confluence of musical synergy between the four group members..." - MIX Magazine 

"...both a deep, thoughtful breath and an upbeat celebration" - Bob Boilen, NPR


"...unparalleled creativity...genre-bending, Grammy-winning music" - Flaunt

"Rapturous, often haunting...psychedelic and otherworldly...many groups have put out transcendent albums this year, and this is one of the best of them all."  - New York Music Daily

"...a fascinating mix of world music, Sufi mysticism and entrancing soundscapes" - World Music Central

Opium Moon took home a Grammy in 2019 for their critically acclaimed debut album of sensual, ancient-yet-contemporary instrumental music. On their new sophomore offering, NIGHT + DAY, the virtuosic quartet broaden the range of their evocative soundscapes.  In its two distinct song sequences, this double studio recording showcases both the band's artful conjuring of rapturously sexy and seductive atmospheres (NIGHT) and the upbeat, swirling danceability of their captivating live concerts (DAY). read more...

Opium Moon Pic_UpdatedGrammyTM.jpeg

Hamid Saeidi, Lili Haydn, Itai Disraeli & M.B. Gordy

Opium Moon on KEXP's Darek Mazzone's SAMA
Our first live performance in a year and a half!

Opium Moon featured on NPR's All Songs Considered

NPR logo.png

Flaunt Magazine premieres Opium Moon's new video, Feast of Sevens: Opium Moon at the Party

Opium Moon on the TED Stage

Opium Moon: Night

Grammy Award Winning Opium Moon!
 This is music straight from the heart and we would love for you to check it out:

Praise for OPIUM MOON:

Press Quotes

"It's a rare pleasure to find music that gives me pause, slows me down from the daily deluge and gives me a moment to think. That's exactly what happened when I first heard "Caravan" from Opium Moon's self-titled, debut album. This music with violin, santur (a hammered dulcimer,) ancient percussion and bass is spacious and timeless." - Bob Boilen,  NPR Music 

"Descriptors like enchanting, elegant and hypnotic just don’t seem to do justice to Be Why Music’s recent self-titled release of Opium Moon. It is indeed enchanting, elegant and hypnotic, but it’s more. Surely, this is the music drunk bees must hear lolling inside a flower, captives to the warm summer sun and soothing breeze surrounded and infused by drugging fragrance. Finding your inner drunk bee is no further than a listen to this extraordinary CD." - World Music Central 

"It’s been quite some time since a thoroughly enticing, alluring and totally engaging album has come my way.  Throw yourself into the spirit of Opium Moom and you’ll be lifted by spirit in every imaginable way!"   - Lloyd Barde, Common Ground

"Enchanting music that sounds contemporary but has ancient roots...powerful...aches with feeling."  

- Tom Schnabel, KCRW Rhythm Planet


"Opium Moon‘s debut album is the soundtrack to an exotic, hazy, languorous dream, a sensual/spiritual trip into the mystic."

- Steve Hochman, KPCC

"One of the most astonishing, deep & soulful music experiences in recent memory."  - KCET

"Opium Moon produces a sound that’s biblical yet carnal...creating a sound like something born from the underlying forces of sensuality." - Malibu Arts Journal 


"Opium Moon’s debut album is a sublime and sensual brew of strings, percussion and bass that transports the listener to a musically soulful Shangri-La.” – Victoria Looseleaf, ArtNowLA 


"Fluid and hypnotic..."  - Santa Monica Argonaut 


Opium Moon Receives Grammy Nomination

Our debut album, Opium Moon, has been nominated for a Grammy Award in the Best New Age Album category! 

"Caravan" Video Premieres on NPR!

Please check out our new video for the single "Caravan" which was premiered on NPR. We are so excited to share this with the world!  You can watch the video below, and read their glowing review HERE!

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