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Praise for OPIUM MOON:

PRESS For "Night + DAY" (2021)


"...both a deep, thoughtful breath and an upbeat celebration" - Bob Boilen, NPR All Songs Considered


"Rapturous...haunting and many groups have put out transcendent albums this year, and this is one of the best of them all."  - New York Music Daily


"It will awaken every sultry, seductive, sexy, sensual, spiritual and steamy molecule of your being, all from the hypnotic, rhythmic confluence of musical synergy" - Mix Magazine


"...a fascinating mix of world music, Sufi mysticism and entrancing soundscapes" - World Music Central


"Hits the mark...deeply atmospheric, cinematic soundscapes...shines brightly 

with deft musicianship..." - Songlines (UK)


"A double set of sensual, masterfully performed instrumentals exploring the duality

of life and belief" - Pasadena Weekly


"Diverse, substantial and absorbing songcraft...a world music experience you're absolutely 

not going to forget." - Take Effect



"OPIUM MOON" (2018)


"It's a rare pleasure to find music that gives me pause, slows me down from the daily deluge and gives me a moment to think. That's exactly what happened when I first heard "Caravan" from Opium Moon's self-titled, debut album. This music with violin, santur (Persian hammered dulcimer,) ancient percussion and bass is spacious and timeless." - Bob Boilen, NPR 


"Enchanting music that sounds contemporary but has ancient roots...powerful...aches with feeling."  - Tom Schnabel, KCRW Rhythm Planet


"Descriptors like enchanting, elegant and hypnotic just don’t seem to do justice to Be Why Music’s recent self-titled release of Opium Moon. It is indeed enchanting, elegant and hypnotic, but it’s more. Surely, this is the music drunk bees must hear lolling inside a flower, captives to the warm summer sun and soothing breeze surrounded and infused by drugging fragrance. Finding your inner drunk bee is no further than a listen to this extraordinary CD." - World Music Central   


"Opium Moon‘s debut album is the soundtrack to an exotic, hazy, languorous dream, a sensual/spiritual trip into the mystic." - Steve Hochman, Southern California Public Radio


"Opium Moon produces a sound that’s biblical yet carnal...creating a sound like something born from the underlying forces of sensuality."  - Malibu Arts Journal  


It’s been quite some time since a thoroughly enticing, alluring and totally engaging album has come my way.  Throw yourself into the spirit of Opium Moon and you’ll be lifted by spirit in every imaginable way!"  - Lloyd Barde, Common Ground magazine/San Francisco


"Opium Moon’s debut album is a sublime and sensual brew of strings, percussion and bass that transports the listener to a musically soulful Shangri-La.” – Victoria Looseleaf, ArtNowLA 


"Fluid and hypnotic..." - Santa Monica Argonaut   


"Los Angeles-based ensemble Opium Moon produces some of the most enchanting music you’ll ever hear." - LA Yoga

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